overseas visitors

Terms and conditions for overseas visitors Cottage Spoonvalley

■Price (Including Tax and Service Charge)

■ 1 cottage for 2 people is \24,000 per person (1 night stay including breakfast)

■ 1 cottage for 3 people is \23,000 per person (1 night stay including breakfast)

■ 1 cottage for 4 people is \22,000 per person (1 night stay including breakfast)

■ Dinner Option: “Furukiyoki Kitaguni no Shokutaku (Nostalgic Dining Table of the North)” meal is \4,800 per person

*There are no seasonal prices, and reservations are not available through travel agencies.

*If you are traveling with children, the price for a 6-12 year old child is \12,000 (including breakfast), and the price for 3-5 year old child is \10,000 (including breakfast) and 0-2 year old baby is \3,000 (no meal & no bed).The dinner option is available to children with a smaller portion size for \3,000.

*There is a 2 person minimum for all reservations. There is a maximum of 4 people per cottage, as there are only 4 beds.

*We cannot prepare extra beds. It is possible to exceed the 4 person maximum per cottage if children share a bed, but the price will remain the same per person.

*If you do not want breakfast, \500 yen will be deducted from the price.

The priceis higher for foreign guests due to a lot more operations for the stay, for the reservation is made, for high canceration risk and others.So sorry please make reservations after understanding we have to accept the price out of necessity.

■Cancellation Policy

*The cancellation fee will change based on the total cost of the number of cottages and nights in your reservation. Reducing the number of cottages or nights in your reservation will also incur a cancellation fee.

1. Total of 4 cottages and nights (for example: 2 cottages for 2 nights, 1 cottage for 4 nights) or fewer: 8-14 days before the reservation = 20% of the total price, 1-7 days before the reservation = 50%, the day of the reservation = 100%

2. 5 cottages and nights or more: a deposit of 20% will be required when you make a reservation. The cancellation fee will be as follows: 15-30 days before the reservation = 20%, 1-14 days before = 50%, the day of = 100%


Cottage Spoonvalley is a small lodging facility with only 5 cottages available. We are sorry to say that we are unable to accept provisional reservations due to the hindrance this would cause others trying to make reservations. When you make a reservation, you are agreeing to our “Cancellation Policy” and “Important Information Before Making a Reservation”, so please read over these sections carefully before sending e-mail.

The booking-release day is 3 months before the day you want to stay. We can’t reply even if you contact us before release date.

Contact us after understanding that in spite of the calender’s availablity you may not able to make reservation because of delay of update, guests’ balance of foreigner and Japanese or other some reasons.
To make a reservation,send e-mail (not by phone) please.
e-mail address : info*spoonvalley.com (change * to @)

■Important Information Before Making a Reservation

Because Cottage Spoonvalley is different from a regular hotel or pension and is in a special location, there may be some inconveniences.
In order to avoid misunderstandings and have a pleasant stay, please read the following information carefully.

■ The dinner option is by reservation only and costs an additional fee.

■ Check-in is from 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., and checkout is by 10:00 a.m. If you reserved an optional dinner,you need to check in until 5:30 p.m.

■ The reception area is closed from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. There is no entry at that time.

■ Meals are served as room-service (breakfast and dinner).

■ The following amenities are not available: air conditioning, laundry, internet, and computer access.

■ Regarding cell phones, there is service for Docomo and AU, but the signal for Softbank is unstable.

■ All buildings are non-smoking (smoking is outdoors).

■ No pets are allowed (service dogs, etc. are allowed).

■ We are not handicap accessible. The cottages are 2 stories, the floors are all plank and terracotta, and the bathtubs are western-style (clawfoot tub).

■ We have a parking lot (free of charge).

■ We do not have pick-up and send-off services. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are located about 5 minutes away from JR Biei Station by taxi, which costs about \1200 (during the wintertime only, we can transport you to the station, so please make arrangements with us after your arrival).

■ Giving Priority to Work Vehicles
Working tractors are a part of Biei’s natural landscape. Because Zawazawa Village is located in the hills, during farming season tractors must stop and block the road due to the water supply, changing attachments, and other farm work. You must give the work vehicles priority. In addition, there is plowing and harvesting on the adjacent farms late into the night. There are work lights and engine noise, so we ask for your understanding in regards to this.

■ Nature’s Precedence
On clear days you can see Mt. Asahi and Mt. Tokachi in the distance, and it’s often like living in a picture post card, but when the snow blows up from the ground, even the main road can be closed. Both scenarios are the nature of Biei. There are times when you have to wait to be able to drive your car because of the weather.

■ Anyone Without a Reservation May Not Enter
Because Cottage Spoonvalley is exclusively a lodging facility, our cottages cannot be used just for recreation or dining. Additionally, these cottages are part of our private home, so the only entry is by farm roads used by tractors and private roads. We cannot permit anyone to enter the area of Cottage Spoonvalley for any business other than lodging, including sightseeing, photography, and inquiries. Such visitors coming again and again obstruct the work of farmers, cause accidents and create dangerous situations, and hinder the privacy of our guests and local residents.

■ Biei’s Official Policy
“Entering farmers’ fields is strictly prohibited” is Biei’s official policy. We must ask that you respect this policy.

■ This Is a Small, Family-Run Business
Please enjoy your stay surrounded by Mother Nature to your heart’s content. Passing through the stillness, you can descend to where the stars are waiting for you.